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Message 1129 - Posted: 24 Mar 2021, 2:39:49 UTC

We've been focused on several things recently, and TWIM Notes hasn't been a priority since there hasn't been too much to talk about and, frankly, they take a while to put together. Going forward, TWIM Notes will be intermittent for a few more weeks, but we aim to be back every week in about a month.

This won't be a full TWIM Notes, but here's a few tidbits of news:

* If you follow the progress on https://gitlab.com/mlcathome/mlds, you'll see that progress on v9.90 continues. We've successfully upgraded to PyTorch v1.8, and just today managed to *finally* get the client statically linked. That will allow us to drop appimage, makes the client a bit smaller overall, and should vastly help compatibility between linux releases. Hopefully the same can be done for windows, ARM, and CUDA/ROCM.
* You can follow v9.90 progress here: https://gitlab.com/mlcathome/mlds/-/milestones
* We've signed up to present at the 2021 BOINC Workshop next month, and will use that time to launch the paper and highlight the release of the datasets so far.
* We're setting up a MLC@Home discord server for real-time chat to compliment the forum and twitter, stay tuned for the invite when it goes live!
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Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Mar 23 2021

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