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Message 1132 - Posted: 25 Mar 2021, 20:22:36 UTC

Members of the MLC@Home community:

We have created a Discord server for MLC@Home!

Discord is a web-based chat application that, like similar services Slack and Mattermost, re-invents IRC but with less features. However, it does provide an accessible interface for everyone, and makes it easy to create new communities and bots to keeping things up to date. It provides for real-time text-based communication between the community. It compliments (but does not replace) the project web forums, and is, of course completely optional for participating in the project.

We chose Discord over other options since there is already a BOINC community project presence on Discord, and writing private bots is relatively easy. Originally this was created for personal use, as it is a single place to collect notifications for new forum posts, the twitter feed, GitLab CI updates, etc. But we're opening it to the larger community if there's interest.

We're still learning how to run a public Discord server so expect some growing pains.

The Discord server invite link is below if you'd like to join:

-- MLC@Home Admins
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Message boards : News : MLC@Home Discord server

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