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Message 293 - Posted: 1 Aug 2020, 18:07:29 UTC

This Week in MLC@Home
Notes for Aug 1 2020
A weekly summary of news and notes for MLC@Home.


  • Happy 1 month anniversary! MLC@Home launched June 30th, so yesterday marked the 1 month anniversary. Thanks to all contribute!
  • We took a preliminary look at Datasets 1 and 2,and the results were encouraging. We are able to differentiate the nearly identical machines in Dataset 1 and Dataset 2 based solely on the learned weights, and we were able to plot the weights in 2D weight space, and see some separation/clustering. This leads to come interesting follow-on questions and suggests maybe loss isn't the only way to evaluate a network (thread here)
  • Linux armhf/arm64 support is in progress. 32-bit client it up and running in testing. Follow along with progress here: Linux/armhf and Linux/arm64 support status thread.
  • Dataset 3 continues in internal testing. Should be ready in a few more weeks.
  • The deadlines for new and follow-on WUs has been moved to 4 days instead of 2. This should help the boinc client make some better decisions about scheduling work. However, many already queued work units still have the 2 day deadline, so this will not go away completely.
  • New server will likely take at least several weeks.

Project status snapshot:
Tasks ready to send 62154
Tasks in progress 21940
With credit 382
Registered in past 24 hours 13
With recent credit 1305
Registered in past 24 hours 21
Current GigaFLOPS 23473.01

Dataset 1 and 2 progress:
SingleDirectMachine 9670/10004
EightBitMachine 9618/10006
SingleInvertMachine 9675/10003
SimpleXORMachine 9633/10002
ParityMachine 269/10005
ParityModified 15/10005
EightBitModified 506/10006
SimpleXORModified 3106/10005
SingleDirectModified 3078/10004
SingleInvertModified 3156/10002

Thanks again to all our volunteers!

-- The MLC@Home Admins

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Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Aug 1 2020

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