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1) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : mldstest (Message 513)
Posted 22 Sep 2020 by Tex1954
Oh! So that why so few of them...

No worries if it's just a once in a while thing, especially since it seemed to complete well on our side.

I signed up for TEST applications anyways to help.

Well, cool beans! Keep up the good work!

2) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : mldstest (Message 503)
Posted 20 Sep 2020 by Tex1954
Speaking of tests... I recently got a TEST WU on my 6180 server board machine ID: 2943 and it seemed to complete properly on my end.

MLC@Home 9.60 Machine Learning Dataset Generator (test) rand0002-1599798878-26687-0_2 01d,02:23:33 (01d,02:14:00) 9/19/2020 8:01:10 PM 9/19/2020 8:19:10 PM 99.4 Reported: OK Lin-61XX 270.57 MB

However, it shows a validate error on another computer as well as the 2943 computer and we got ZERO points for it.

Considering the fact it took so long, also the fact it was a voluntary TEST WU, seems to me you could issue us a few points for using our systems to troubleshoot and validate your code.

WE pay for the parts and electricity anyways, would be nice to get some token so it doesn't seem as if we are paying for nothing.



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