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1) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : One Computer don't get tasks - why ? (Message 1460)
Posted 3 Feb 2022 by clemmo
I'd first check that you have a 64bit Ubuntu install and not a 32bit.

Unfortunately my ideas run out there. Best of luck
2) Message boards : Cafe : Run multiple WU's on GPU (Message 1458)
Posted 3 Feb 2022 by clemmo
Yes. Create an app_config.xml file in the project folder and put the following in it:


The number between ngpus determines what percentage of the GPU each task takes. so 0.5 for 2 per gpu, 0.25 for 4 per gpu etc.
Same for cpu's allocated using the avg_ncpus.
Refer to to find your data directory if unknown.
Refer to for further information on config files.

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