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1) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : All my GPU applications have crushed. (Message 828)
Posted 13 Nov 2020 by LCB001
Same GPU - Big difference in results;

Both GPUs are the exact same make and model.
Both Rigs are running mainly SiDock wu's on the cpu plus [1] WCG ARP wu.
#1 is my daily driver, #2 is Boinc only.

#1: Intel i7-3930k, Win 7 Ult., 12GB ram, GTX1070 [445.57] ~3800 secs
#2: Ryzen R7-2700, Win 10 Pro, 32GB ram, GTX 1070 [445.75] ~900 secs

#1 Shows ~8->14% GPU Load - Freeing cpu threads has a small effect on load.
#2 Shows ~30->51% GPU load - Freeing cpu threads lets load increase to 68 %+.

#1 GPU clocks show zero boost and remain at stock 1582 MHz.
#2 GPU clocks show boost to 1961 MHz.

Tried running 2x wu's on #1 still showed very little load with almost no rise in temps.

Not sure if it's the OS or something else but #1 acts like something is blocking the GPU from getting most of it's part of the workload if that makes any sense.

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