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1) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : GPU Utilization and Resource Requirements (Message 1080)
Posted 7 Feb 2021 by CosminZ
In linux the utilization is better than in windows. Running 2 workunits in linux results in double the runtime from 2100sec to 4200sec for the long workunits on an nvidia 2070 laptop with lower gpu utilization and pcie between 40 to 70%. For comparison using 1 workunits (configured with app_config to use 2 cpu cores) results in 87% gpu at 1875mhz, 6% pcie and 90-95w power (in windows was using 60-70w from what i remember).
Opening a program or folder the pcie utilization jumps to 60-70% for a few seconds and using the browser the runtimes increase from 35min to 45min or more, on other boinc projects there is a increase in runtimes but usually in tens of seconds not hundred of seconds or up to 50% longer.
The new workunits for gpu, rand_automata have the exact same behavior and are better suited for low end gpu like nvidia 1030 finishing in 1350sec and nvidia 2070m in 500sec.

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