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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Windows app up for testing! Report issues here (Message 135)
Posted 8 Jul 2020 by Odd-Rod
If you are logged into the website, you should see the option at this link:

However, as of a few minutes ago, you no longer need to enable test applications. Windows app is out of its (very short) beta.

I popped in to report all good. Guess that's not needed ;)

I see the option for test apps is no longer there. I think it only appears when there are test apps in a project. A slight nuisance actually, as I wanted to disable it - I prefer to only enable it when I specifically want to test, but now my hosts might start running test apps in the future when I'm not around to monitor things. (I do realise that this is probably a boinc issue, rather than the project's issue.)

PS Thanks for the Windows app!
2) Message boards : Cafe : Badges (Message 65)
Posted 3 Jul 2020 by Odd-Rod
Because it make my signature even more obnoxious? :)

Is that even possible? :D
Nice collection!

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