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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Problems with Win 10 and NVidia 1080 (Message 1130)
Posted 24 Mar 2021 by mikey
I had problems with Win10 and crunching the gpu units on my laptops Nvidia 1660 but fixed all of them by stopping Boinc, downloading the latest all-in-one Visual-C-runtimes file and extracting and running all of them and then after restarting Boinc resetting MLCathome and now I am crunching gpu files just fine so far. I got the Visual-C-runtime files here:
2) Message boards : News : Badges! (Message 1125)
Posted 10 Mar 2021 by mikey
Perhaps a few more badges in between 1M and 500M. Maybe every 10M or 20M ?

Don't think it is to much to ask considering we volunteer our computers.

I agree but a more 'normal' distance is 1M 5M10M 25M 50M 100M 250M and then 500M and 1B

The Boinc Community has some VERY good people who can help design the intermediate badges
3) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : "unsent" (Message 320)
Posted 13 Aug 2020 by mikey
This workunit of mine is STILL waiting for a wingman but the Project has STILL not sent it to a 3rd computer even though it's been 15 days since the first wingman quit on it!!

name ParityMachine-1593744873-23686-16
application Machine Learning Dataset Generator
created 28 Jul 2020, 16:02:48 UTC
minimum quorum 2
initial replication 2
max # of error/total/success tasks 8, 8, 3
click for details Computer Sent Time reported
or deadline
explain Status Run time
(sec) CPU time
(sec) Credit Application
674703 1466 28 Jul 2020, 16:11:36 UTC 1 Aug 2020, 16:12:23 UTC Not started by deadline - canceled 0.00 0.00 --- Machine Learning Dataset Generator v9.20
674704 1513 28 Jul 2020, 16:11:56 UTC 28 Jul 2020, 18:43:07 UTC Completed, waiting for validation 8,835.58 8,835.58 pending Machine Learning Dataset Generator v9.20
742215 --- --- --- Unsent

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