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1) Message boards : News : MLC@Home inconsistent work generation for the next few months (Message 1504)
Posted 17 Apr 2022 by [VENETO] boboviz
We realize this will cause us to lose some volunteers, but that's why we're trying to be upfront about this now so that everyone can decide if and how to allocate their BOINC contributions accordingly. We hope that you'll consider leaving MLC in your projects list and help us crunch WUs when we have them, but understand if choose not to.

You don't know the patience of boinc volunteers :-P
2) Message boards : News : Spring 2022 MLC Project Update: DS2 Complete edition! (Message 1499)
Posted 13 Apr 2022 by [VENETO] boboviz
Waiting for wus...
3) Message boards : News : Spring 2022 MLC Project Update: DS2 Complete edition! (Message 1493)
Posted 4 Apr 2022 by [VENETO] boboviz
* DS4 WUs are out! DS4 WUs are out for our CPU client, and progress has started there. DS4 is much more complicated to manage on the backend because it has multiple training sets that have different requirements, but we're pushing new WUs out as fast as we can.

There is a way to "recognize" these DS4? The name of wus??
4) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : Got 0 new tasks (Message 1364)
Posted 22 Sep 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
I'm triyng to use an Nvidia Quadro K4000 with this project.
I change my preferences to accept the gpu app (and disable the cpu app).
But the message is "Got 0 new task" and queue is 13668 wus.
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Exit status -1073741515 (0xC0000135) STATUS_DLL_NOT_FOUND (Message 1333)
Posted 25 Aug 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
Tried running the Windows test app again of the two runs I tried today:
The first one completed successfully and has validated.
The second one failed just like the one from a few weeks ago with.

That's strange.
I'm crunching the new beta app on 2 Win10 pc, without problems
6) Message boards : Cafe : AMD Infinity Hub (Message 1327)
Posted 22 Aug 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
Finally AMD opens a site to help HPC developers, also with a section dedicated to Pytorch!
7) Message boards : News : [TMIM Notes] June 8 2021 (Message 1218)
Posted 10 Jun 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
The issue with the failed app is that the native BOINC API uses SIGALRM (without documenting that it does) , and so does PyTorch (barely documenting that it does). The app ran fine when run standalone, but once it was launched by the boinc client it crashed once pytorch overwrote the SIGALRM handler and boinc tried to call it. The fix is to re-write the app using the boinc wrapper, which means undoing a lot of the work I put in to use the native API in the first place (which annoys me), and means that WUs created for the old app won't be compatible with those from the new app. And its just turned out to take a while longer than planned.

VERY interesting explanation!!!
Thank you!
8) Message boards : News : [TMIM Notes] June 8 2021 (Message 1215)
Posted 9 Jun 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
We've been talking about DS4 for months, and the code is ready for larger testing. Unfortunately, we rolled out a test client a few weeks ago that failed miserably, because of an incompatibility between PyTorch and the native BOINC API. there's a way around this, but it requires more development, and a change to how WUs are specified, and we've been working on it ever since.

Seems, after a long time, something is moving on this way: Implement a BOINC app library
9) Message boards : Cafe : Badges (Message 1152)
Posted 18 Apr 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
Is it not a (too) big gap between 1M and 500M ?

May be 1M, 5M, 10M, 100M and 500M will be better...
10) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Mar 9 2021 (Message 1126)
Posted 21 Mar 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
The paper is written is now being internally edited/reviewed. It'll take a round or two of that before we post to arXiv and look for a conference to submit. There was some puzzling results with one of the DS2 machines which may require us to re-compute some of those WUs with updated training data, but those were fast to compute and it won't take long for our volunteers to redo them if necessary.

That means we've started looking at client updates and DS4! We started this weekend on client v9.90, for which we are targeting the following features:

  • Upgrade to PyTorch v1.8
  • DS4 support! .. Our first CNN networks.
  • ROCm upgrade to 4.0/4.0.1 (polaris support)
  • Re-examine GPU performance/utilization
  • Static linking for at least the CPU client (maybe GPU too).. dropping appimage requirement. This may not be possible, but would be a nice benefit of moving to PyTorch v1.8

You're doing a GREAT job!
11) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Feb 1 2021 (Message 1074)
Posted 3 Feb 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
his means we'll start mixing in other types of WUs than just DS2 WUs into the GPU queue again, balancing between the remaining DS1/DS2 and DS3 WUs. When DS4 is ready, we'll rebalance again.

Is there a "minimum" gpu for this project?
I have an entry level RX 550x and i don't know if it is usable...
12) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Jan 5 2021 -- A 6 Month Retrospective (Message 1022)
Posted 6 Jan 2021 by [VENETO] boboviz
You're making a GREAT work!!
13) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Dec 28 2020 (Message 986)
Posted 29 Dec 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
It's days that i'm crunching only "rand_automata" wus. Is it normal??
14) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : GPU support update 11/23 (Message 941)
Posted 19 Dec 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
AMD Rocm 4.0 published
15) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Nov 17 2020 (Message 856)
Posted 19 Nov 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
You're doing a GREAT work!!

At the end, also Rocm (Rocm 4.0) arrives officially to consumer gpu!!
And performances of RX68xx family seems very good in OpenCL.
16) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Oct 19 2020 (Message 667)
Posted 21 Oct 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
* We spent some time last week gaining access to both Windows and Linux machines with CUDA, so hoepfully GPU clients should be released to testing this week. We're having some issues packaging the ROCm version but will try to iron those out into testing as well.

17) Questions and Answers : Windows : Rand_automata time remaining (Message 659)
Posted 19 Oct 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
Seems that wus "rand_automata" have completely wrong time remaining.
After 4hs wus are at 65% and time remaining is 1day...
18) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : GPU update (Message 614)
Posted 6 Oct 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
At any rate, the Quarantine ones ran only 16 times faster on a GTX 1060 as on a single core of an i7-4771. If you ran them on 16 cores of a Ryzen 3000 series, you could do the same amount of work on less power on a CPU. I was slightly disappointed and a bit surprised.

You can use both cpu and gpu and you double your performance with a single host...
19) Message boards : Science : A quick update on Dataset 3 (Message 451)
Posted 3 Sep 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
There are things happening, its just not publically visible at the moment.

No problem. Meantime we crunch Dataset 1&2!! :-)
20) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Aug 31 2020 (Message 445)
Posted 1 Sep 2020 by [VENETO] boboviz
Thanks for the answer, is very interesting!!

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