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1) Message boards : News : [TWIM Notes] Feb 8 2021 (Message 1093)
Posted 16 Feb 2021 by rbpeake
Hopefully, there will be a lot of interest in the datasets!
2) Questions and Answers : Issue Discussion : All my GPU applications have crushed. (Message 834)
Posted 13 Nov 2020 by rbpeake
Perhaps this already has been addressed. Similar to Einstein@home, is it possible to run more than one work unit per GPU?
3) Message boards : Science : News Article (Message 678)
Posted 23 Oct 2020 by rbpeake
Lots of AI research going on!
4) Questions and Answers : Windows : Issues with VC redist on windows client (Message 390)
Posted 23 Aug 2020 by rbpeake
Working on my Win10 with no problems, and no re-attachment.
5) Message boards : Science : News Article (Message 240)
Posted 25 Jul 2020 by rbpeake

Now I keep seeing related articles, probably because machine AI figures out what interests me!
” Though artificial intelligence revealed the design rules, Ranganathan and his collaborators still don't fully understand why the models work. Next they will work to understand just how the models came to this conclusion. "There is much more work to be done," he said.
...the studies in proteins might even help teach us how the deep neural networks behind modern machine learning actually work."
6) Message boards : Science : News Article (Message 221)
Posted 22 Jul 2020 by rbpeake
Is there anything to this?
7) Message boards : News : MLC@Home and CORAL (Message 211)
Posted 22 Jul 2020 by rbpeake
This perhaps means that securing future funding is more likely it would seem, which is great news!

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