Task 7136690

Name ParityModified-1630694352-27599-2_0
Workunit 4837732
Created 5 Sep 2021, 4:42:16 UTC
Sent 6 Sep 2021, 3:59:19 UTC
Report deadline 13 Sep 2021, 3:59:19 UTC
Received 6 Sep 2021, 15:39:42 UTC
Server state Over
Outcome Computation error
Client state Aborted by user
Exit status 203 (0x000000CB) EXIT_ABORTED_VIA_GUI
Computer ID 334
Run time
CPU time
Validate state Invalid
Credit 0.00
Device peak FLOPS 2.62 GFLOPS
Application version Machine Learning Dataset Generator v9.90

Stderr output


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